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Another visit to a hospital

I tell you... when it rains around here, it literally pours! Found out this morning I have the flu... my son is doctoring a sinus was diagnosed with pneumonia last week... and now she is having to stay a couple of nights in the hospital with diverticulitis. She went to her doctor a little after 1pm this afternoon with pains in the lower part of her stomach, and the doctor sent her on to the hospital.

Since she lives next door, I started getting concerned when it was after 7pm, and hadn't heard anything from her, and her car wasn't under the carport. So, first thing I did was call Glenwood Hospital, because her doctor closes his office at 4pm, and if she simply needed a prescription, it wouldn't be taking THAT long to get filled... so the nearest hospital would be the logical choice. So, I find out she is in the emergency room, and about to be admitted.

Even though I'm "flu-ish", I hop in the ol' Ranger and drive to the hospital. She appreciated it that I came there, but said I really shouldn't have. She was concerned however that her car was in the parking lot, and being a new car, she didn't want to leave it there for a couple of days. So, she called my aunt and uncle, who were there in less than half an hour, and my uncle drove moms car back to the house.

After I arrived home, I went next door to check on "Booger" (moms cat), scooped his pan, replentished his food and water, then came home to tell Andrew his grandmother wouldn't be home for a couple of days, and reminded him to take the antibiotic for his sinus infection before he went to bed.
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