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As The Twit Turns

On "This Week in Tech", David Pogue was mad that John C. Dvorak was trying to smear him on Twitter, which Dvorak denied doing. Turns out, they found out later in the show, there is a fake Dvorak on Twitter that said "More proof that @pogue shouldn't consider himself a real journalist". John C. Dvorak has never really mentioned David Pogue on his tweets. David Pogue has been following the "wrong" Dvorak, but since he's currently not on the show, not sure he has realized his mistake yet.

The REAL John C. Dvorak

The FAKE John C. Dvorak

John said he has tried in the past to get Twitter to drop the fake account, but they haven't gotten back to him. He said he has also tried to get a "Verified account", but they haven't responded to his requests. Way to go on "customer service" Twitter... ranks right up there with the overpriced Yahoo Webhosting!

UPDATE: Shortly after I made this post, Twitter removed that second link, of the fake. You now see "Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!" there... didn't know I had that kind of "pull"! ;-)
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