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Thought of a fourth "fact"...

Here's a fourth fact I was reminded of (think it at work a lot), while watching the movie "Religulous" again...

I live in the deep south, where there are supposedly a ton of "religious" people (judging from a freggin' church on nearly every corner)... in other words, "brainwashed masses". They believe everyone should "rest" on Sunday. If that is so, then why is Sunday one of Wal-Mart's busiest days?!? They come into the store in droves, forcing people to have to work on that day. Bunch of hypocrites if you ask me!

/probably more of a mass exodus of friends now
//just stating honest opinions
///churches should be taxed... it's "entertainment"... like movies, etc...taxing churches would more than pay for something useful, like national health care!
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