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Tired, but WHY?

As I've posted before, been off work on vacation (mainly just taking time off) this week. Return to work Saturday. The past two days, however, I've been getting enormously drowsy very early in the evening. I think I know what is causing it today, however. Didn't sleep well at all last night, kept waking up dripping in sweat, even though had the A/C set at around 65F and had a fan set on "High" blowing right in my direction. Thing is, I'm just not sure what was causing the sweats! Wasn't running any fever... Andrew said he was comfortable last night, maybe a bit TOO cool at times, he said. Also, my acid reflux was going haywire last night, even though I took a Pepcid before going to sleep.

It's only 6:15pm, having trouble keeping my eyes open. Going to the bedroom, TRY to stay awake a while longer by watching some TV, so my sleep schedule hopefully doesn't get TOO "out of whack" before Saturday.
Tags: mystery, sleep, tired, vacation

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