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Can't wait till I get off work tomorrow... will finally have an entire week of rest and relaxation (hopefully), since my first actual "vacation" with my employer will start then! Been there about 2½ years, without any significant time off to "unwind". Will mainly just spend the time doing a whole lot of "nothing", or at least as little as possible! Not sure what hours I'll be working tomorrow, but I hope it's the early shift... not 10am-6pm like today.

Also tomorrow... ugh...hate to say it... turning another year older. Why can't we just stop at an age we like, and stay there?

Andrew rode his 4-wheeler yesterday after school for the first time in months. He said it would shut off every time he stopped. He asked me what would cause that, I told him I don't have a clue, since I know nothing about any kind of engine. Just suggested he call my mom's old boyfriend Larry, who bought the thing for him. He is actually a mechanic, after all.
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