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Home from work (they have me working my late co-workers shift now, 5am-2pm mostly), doing my usual Sunday afternoon routine... sitting here watching Leo Laporte on TWiT Live, while sipping on a cold drink. Can't wait till tomorrow is over, then my "weekend" starts (off Tuesdays and Wednesdays for now).

Since vacation time finally kicked in for me back in February, I decided I'd better put in for a week off before I forfeit it (if not used within a year, you lose it), so I decided to take the week immediately following my birthday off. Was going to take the week OF my birthday off, but they need three weeks notice, and I was a bit late putting that in, SO, I'll hopefully be off the week of August 22-28, pending management "approval". Didn't take any holidays off, because most of the time, those DO NOT get approved!

Well, enough rambling... back to Leo...
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