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Going out of my mind!

Whoever started all this new scheduling shit is full of shit! Once again, I drive to work... time clock says "Rejected, Not Scheduled" when I swipe my badge. I find a manager, who refuses to clock me in, because I'm neither on the computer generated schedule for today, nor "written in" on it, although my department manager told me to be there... but she's not there to confirm that I'm supposed to be there!

As usual, I'm NOT going to sit around waiting till the department manager gets there, so I come on back home. It won't count against me, since I'm not on the computer generated schedule anyway. The department manager is fed up also, she has already told us, as of next week, just follow what the computer spits out... she's tired of trying to fix the schedule, since she gets no cooperation from the assistant manager over our part of the store! Guarantee, there will be shifts where NO ONE is in the dairy on a given shift as a result!

Computer generated work hours for me this coming Saturday = 2pm-6pm! WTF?!? 4 hours?!? Geesh!
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