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And Now For A Few Completely Random Things...

Yesterday after work, I picked up a Norelco electric razor for my son. He's at that "magic" age that the "peachfuzz" on his face is getting highly noticable, and I wanted to make sure he got rid of it before the new school year starts, when he begins high school. I figured it would be easier in the beginning stages of shaving for him to use an electric, because that is what I used the first few years I shaved, not switching to a manual razor till about my mid-20's. I remember when I was about a year younger than him, my "peachfuzz" had started showing up, and I was heavily ribbed at school about it until I shaved it off. Course, mine showed up more than his, because of the dark hair I had then. As a bonus, got 10% off the razor, thanks to my employee discount. :-)

Wilbur's funeral is set for tomorrow at 10am, but I'm not going. I liked the guy a lot, but I HATE funerals and funeral homes in general. Haven't even attended most relatives funerals just because of that fact. I'm planning to donate what might be left of my body to "science" when I go... I consider "funerals" a waste of money and land space.

Off work Sunday and Monday this week. Apart from doing some laundry, taking Andrew to his psychiatric appointment tomorrow afternoon (the place is about to stop seeing him since his behavior has improved quite a bit)... I don't plan on doing much that requires "energy" these two days. After I send this post, going to shut down the PC, unplug it, take the side off it, and blow out any dust that may have accumulated in it since I bought it back in March of 2008...
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