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Today should be "interesting"...

Well, since Wal-Mart has been "cutting hours" like mad,today should be "interesting" to say the least. In the dairy section where I work, the department manager has weekends off, so she won't be there today. Wilbur starts his vacation today, so he won't be there. Tony's last day of his vacation is today, so he won't be there. Phillip is having to take a "leave of absence", because his wife had a surgery that didn't go well, so he won't be there today.

Normally, I'd be on my way to work at the moment, working 5am-2pm, since Wilbur is on vacation, and I'd be working his shift, BUT because they are cutting hours all over the store, I'm on the schedule from 6am-2pm instead. I'm expecting chaos when I get there... apart from the two overnight stockers for the dairy section, who mainly just concentrate on the freight that comes in that night, no one else was there, meaning the cooler will most likely look like it was hit by a category 5 hurricane! Add that to the milk delivery truck arriving early, with around 5 pallets of milk, "hilarity" should ensue!

On top of all that... because of what was described in the opening paragraph, NO ONE is scheduled for what is known as the "closing shift" today(even though the store doesn't "close"), 1pm-10pm, so, after I leave at 2pm, the dairy will essentially be on "auto-pilot" until the overnight guys get there at 10pm. Not good for a Saturday afternoon, because it stays constantly busy during that time. I'm predicting the shelves will be bare of all milk and eggs before 6pm if they don't find someone to restock!

'Course I'm not really too concerned about it myself, apart from the "mess" I'll encounter at 6am tomorrow morning... Wal-Mart gets themselves into these situations, because management knows nothing about "management".
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