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Worked less than two hours of my shift, and got sent home, along with a guy in the meat section... to "save labor costs". Wilbur said they sent 18 people in the store home early yesterday, besides me. Sorry, but I haven't noticed THAT big of a drop in the amount of traffic in the store! Methinks they are just turning into greedy, money-grubbing bastards!

Since I now have the rest of the day to "blow", I drove over to "Best Buy" to get a copy of the DVD set, "Land of the Lost: The Complete Series", which was just re-released on Tuesday (Universal has it now, was formerly released by Rhino Video, but I didn't buy it then). Used to enjoy the series as a kid in the mid 1970's... had a bit of a youthful crush on Kathy Coleman. Universal released two versions, a limited edition "lunchbox", and a standard set. I elected to get the standard set, it'll fit better on the shelf. I know, however, the video will look a bit "craptastic" on my new HDTV, even upconverted in the Blu-ray player... because most of the 1970's-1980's videotaped TV series look terrible on it, compared to series that were originally shot on film from the same time period. IF it had been released on Blu-ray, I doubt it would help the video quality any.

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