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Off today, yet busy

Well, I'm off work until Thursday morning, but THIS day is pretty much shot. Got a meeting with Andrews special ed teacher at 9am this morning, where she is supposed to go over what he will be doing when he starts high school this upcoming school year.After the meeting, I may drive over to "Best Buy" and see if they have season 1 of "True Blood" on Blu-ray (it's supposed to be released today). Later today, mom has an eye doctor appointment at 3:30pm, so I need to drive her to that, since the doctor usually dilates her eyes. Also, between those times, I need to try and get some laundry washed.

HOPEFULLY, all I have to do tomorrow will be to sit on my posterior! Yes, I'm lazy like that!

Afterthought: I have a Twitter account, but I think Twitter is starting to ruin LJ... I see more and more posts here that are just "Twitter Update" summaries, not actual posts.
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