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Too many "mothers" out the day before "Mother's Day"

WTF is it with rude asshats, or mothers, as I also call them, being out shopping on the day before "Mother's Day"?!?

Asshat 1: A middle aged woman started fussing at me out of the blue when I was restocking the "Blue Bonnet Margarine", saying,in a snitty attitude, "You KNOW you are supposed to move the older product up before putting in the new product!!!" I had already looked at the dates, ALL the Blue Bonnet had the SAME date... we got a shitload of the stuff in a few days ago... it was all from the same batch... bitch!!

Asshat 2: A guy appearing to be in his mid-late 30's walked up to me when I was stocking the cheese wall, and asked, "Could you tell me where the "Albert's Hot Sauce" is?" (YES, there IS such a product, nothing to do with me though). I told him I had no clue, I had never stocked it. He said, "It's normally in the dairy section." I told him I've never seen it in my section of the store. He ranted on, like I should know where everything in the freggin' store is, since I wear a "Wal-Mart shirt". He apparently found it down near the deli, waved it in front of me a bit later, and after he said where he found it, told me AGAIN I should have known where it was! Didn't tell him this, but this is what I felt like telling him... "I'm only really familiar with the area of the store I work in, or maybe the electronics department also. I RARELY see the rest of the store during the day. When I buy a bill of groceries, I mostly shop at "Brookshires", so I don't have to wait forty-forever to get checked out! Now put that in your redneck cap and smoke it...ASSHAT!!"

Yes, I DO mainly grocery shop at Brookshires... better service, quicker check-out time. Just because I work at Wal-Mart doesn't mean I do all my shopping there! Needed some more hairspray today, since it was just one item, stopped by "Fred's" (a small discount store), which is on the way home, got in and out within 10 minutes.

IN OTHER NEWS: Discovered, after getting home from work, Andrew talked my mom into getting him a 40" Sony HDTV LCD for his bedroom today, early (she was going to get him one after the school year was over), since it's confirmed he has passed for the year, and his class only has 4 more days left in the year. He's thrilled about it, currently got his PS3 hooked to it...

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