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My Uncles Hopefully Are On The Way To Recovery...

Got this email from my aunt today...

Hey All,

It's just me doing the "let's be lazy and send 1 e-mail to everyone" thing. As Tandi used to say when she was little, "Daddy's pinished!." David had his last Chemo treatment today. But as hard as this last set of 3 days has hit him, he says he finds no gratification in knowing it's over. This time he has been sick at his stomach since Monday. And like any person; child or adult; he hates vomiting. But so far, knock on wood, he hasn't since Tuesday morning. He just has an uneasy stomach now, and it makes him feel like he wants to lose it all. Thank God for nausea pills...and at $1500.00 for 30, they'd better work!! And thank God for prescription cards...our cost, $5.00!...the insurance paid the rest!
I nearly choked when the pharmacist told me (4 months ago) how much they were....knew for sure they would make us pay for at least half the expense. Boy were we happy campers when we only had to pay the $5.00. Anyway, enough about the pills.

What we have to concentrate on now is getting David back on his feet. He is still at 149, but that's better than the 140, three and a half weeks ago. And he's having to shave, again! At least this time he knows he won't lose his mustache (a third time) when it gets full! Outside of being so weak from the past three days, and sick at his tummy, his spirits have really been great. Can't wait for him to get back to smiling and laughing like he was, up to Monday. He'll start feeling a whole lot better by this next week and then it's on to recovery.

We go back the 17th for a CT Scan and the 19th to see the Chemo doctor for a final report. The radiation doctor (Dr. Durci) showed us the chest x-ray they took on Monday and it's all clear. Dr. Durci was quite satisfied with the way it looked; so were we!

Well family, that's about it for an update. Bill is through with all his radiation, David is through with all of his 'stuff' and both are going to be fine, so all is well in our world! We'll 'chat' with all y'all later. David has finally gone to sleep and I'm headed in that direction. We went to sleep last night around 8:30 and got up at 11:00 this morning...might say we were a wee bit tired! It's been a long, hard road, but we've all made it through and God willin', we'll continue. Take care for us and give all the babies our love. Albert, print this out and show it to your mom, please. Give her our love. Get back with all later.

Love You ALL Much!
David & Sue

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