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In from work, then right back out...

When I got home from work earlier, Andrew alerted me that we were out of mustard, and he wanted to make himself a sammich. Sooo... I turned around and drove to the small grocery up the road from the house. Being that store is a bit "spendy", I was hoping to get the store brand mustard, but had to get French's instead... they were sold out of the "cheap" stuff. Bought another loaf of bread also... we were down to half a loaf.

Made a quick trip to the "Rite Aid" store across the river also. I'm off the next two days... had no "strong liquid refreshment"... and can't buy it on THIS side of the river on Sundays. It's only a 6 mile trip over there.

Just ordered "Star Trek: The Original Series-Season 1" on Blu-ray from Amazon. Currently just have a few DVDs and a few VHS tapes of the show that I ordered from Columbia House several years ago. The HD content should blow the picture quality of the previous versions out of the water! Also, can't argue about the price. List is $129.99... Amazon had it on pre-order 50% off at $64.99... with free shipping!
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