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DSL Problems Part 1234567

AT&T guy just left yet again. Called customer support last night, because internet was STILL dropping out. Last time he was here, he replaced the modem, filters, and boosted some kind of decible level. Today, he replaced some kind of card in the box up the road, hooked an external DSL filter to the phone connection box on the side of the house, and ran a whole new line to the house from the pole across the street.

As I'm typing this, no outages... but still not gonna count my chickens before they're hatched...

In other news, work tried to call me in this morning. Message on the machine stated that the power went out last night (we had some MAJOR weather), and they lost "everything" in the dairy. Isn't that special? Why the fark doesn't a store as big as Wally World have generators?!?
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