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Random Updates No. 123456

Worked 11am-8pm today, it was quite busy for a Thursday... but probably because the school kids are out for "Spring Break". Work 5am-2pm tomorrow, but then off on Saturday, which is rare. I'll be off that day and Thursday, instead of the usual Monday and Tuesday, because one of the guys in the dairy department is going on a weeks vacation, and I'll be working his shift.

After work, I went by the local "Fred's Discount Store" to pick up some "dry goods". "Why not pick them up where I work?", you might ask. "Lines...long lines at the few open registers!", I'd reply. I always figure it's quicker to stop by "Fred's" if I need some "dry goods", or "Brookshires" if I need some food, than wait forty-forever to get checked out at Wal-Mart. The things I picked up after work...

1. A new set of 12 Libbey's 16 oz. drinking glasses (all I have in the cupboard currently is a lot of mismatched glasses and cups). Cost: $6.49
2. A set of 4 32 oz. plastic tumblers (I like drinking iced tea in those). Cost: $1.49
3. A 16 count package of size AA Panasonic alkaline batteries. Cost: $5.99
4. A 16 count package of size AAA Panasonic alkaline batteries. Cost: $5.99
5. Two packages of "Whiska's Treats" for the cat (even though I shouldn't be giving him any, since he's supposed to be on a diet). Cost: $1.79 each.
6. A three-pack of "Irish Spring Icy Blast" bath soap. Cost: $1.99
7. Three boxes of Kleenex tissues. Cost: $1.00 each.
8. Box of "Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent". Cost: $4.49
9. Bottle of "Fred's Bleach". Cost: $1.49
10. Package of two rolls of "Bounty Select-a-Size paper towels". Cost: $3.99
11. 6-pack of socks (too many I currently had were getting "holy"). Cost: $5.00
12. 6-pack of briefs (guess that answers the question "Boxers or briefs?"). Cost: 5.99
13. Impulse buy: A CD of "Juice Newton's Greatest Hits" (Always liked her music, but only had a couple of 45's up until today). Cost: $5.99
14. Box of 50 "Fred's Fabric Softener Sheets". Cost: $1.00

One of the MAIN things I forgot to get that I planned on buying was garbage bags... ever notice you tend to forget the MAIN thing you go after, but get everything else?? Don't say, "Make a list!", because I ALWAYS forget the list itself!

Oh, and the DSL connection is STILL "hiccuping"... it's done it twice this evening during my typing of this post! Grrr... thinking I should switch to a "local" provider, even though they are $17 higher per month than AT&T...
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