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Off today

Even though I'm off work today, I'm still up early. Will have to leave for the hospital in a few minutes, need to get some lab work done before next Tuesday's doctor appointment, for my blood pressure checkup. Gonna try to not leave the house after that today if I can avoid it... prefer being "lazy as possible" on my days off! ;-)

This next section of the post is for indigomittens, who was curious as to what my workplace looks like. They don't like taking pics inside the store, but I snapped one of the outside...

Not the "greatest" place to work by NO means... but it's a paycheck!

UPDATE: After getting three vials of blood extracted from my arm, I went by to look at the new "Petsmart" store for the first time. Wound up buying Eastwood a new litter pan, deeper and wider than his old one, so hopefully he won't be slinging litter all over the floor!

Then I walked over to "Best Buy" (right next door to Petsmart), ended up walking out of there with a Blu-Ray disc. On the way home, I drove by Radio Shack, remembering I was going to get one of those USB headsets with part of my tax refund, so stopped in and walked out with the one below (because it's a bit of a pain using the computer speakers and the webcam mic to "teleconference" with friends)... now, unless absolutely necessary, I'm not going anywhere else today!

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