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Almost "bit the big one" today...

On the way to work this afternoon, tragedy almost occurred... at the intersection of New Natchitoches and Thomas Road, if I hadn't been alert and slammed on my brakes when I did, I most likely wouldn't be typing this now! An older model pickup truck (late 70's/early 80's vintage), with what appeared to be three people in their late teens (two guys, one girl), ran the red light on Thomas Road. The light facing New Natchitoches road had just turned green as I was making my left turn to head to work. If I hadn't hit my brakes when I did, I would have been hit on the drivers side at a high rate of speed. They put on their brakes, tires squealing, and stopped directly in front of my 1998 Ranger, then all three looked back at the light, like "Duh!!!". They then drove on off. A co-worker, whom I didn't realize was behind me, also on her way to work, said she saw the incident, without me mentioning it to her. Unfortunately, no one got the license plate number of the maniacs.

Those older model pickup trucks had a lot more actual steel in them than later models, plus they were in a full-sized one, not a "compact" one like I drive. If a collision had occurred, I'm positive that either one of two things would have happened... either I'd be in a morgue, or I'd be crippled for life...
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