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Routine Maintenance, Plus Some...   

Just dropped the ol' Ranger off at Pinton Firestone a while ago. Here's a list of stuff I'm getting done/checked out:

1. Oil, air filter, gas filter change. Getting all other fluids checked.
2. Getting a slow leak under the engine checked out. Green liquid, probably coming from radiator.
3. Getting brakes looked at, although the guy there imagines they are most likely okay, since the truck has 84 more miles to go before hitting the 30,000 mile mark.
4. Getting tires looked at, for possible dry rot (they have been on the truck since I bought it in February 1998).
5. Getting the brake light above the cab checked. It hasn't worked in over a month, and truck is due for inspection this month.

Probably looking at a hefty bill for all this. But worth it to extend the life of the vehicle.

I know what you're thinking... 1998?...and only 30,000 miles?!? Yes, I don't "travel" much. Just mainly to the store, work, doctors, etc. And most of those places are within a 15 mile radius or so from my house. Guess you can say I'm kind of like "the little old lady who only drove her car to church on Sundays"...

In other news, "Wally World", with their new craptastic computer generated scheduling (that the managers aren't allowed to change), has me off today, Thursday, AND Friday this week! This will result in my paychecks looking craptastic also. Got my W-2's Saturday, need to get around to doing my taxes soon.

UPDATE: Total "damage" after labor/tax, $813.29. Brakes were still good.
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