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Aparently they WANT to screw their customer base...

Interesting blog post I stumbled upon thanks to a random site viewer... Wally World is screwing up on their scheduling nation wide, not just here. Today, one of the floral ladies got a complaint from a customer while she was in the front of the store stocking the floral section, about the long line at the register. Few check-outs were open via the new scheduling (some cashiers have three weeks off according to the dairy manager, who is my immediate manager). She paged a store co-manager... not sure if it helped the irrate customer or not.

I'm off tomorrow and Friday, go back Saturday morning at 5am. The dairy manager, Mary Jo, a lady in her 50's, will be in the department by herself tomorrow from 7am-1pm, until Wilbur and Kenny get to work. Department managers, from what I understand from her, are instructed to not deal with "stock" directly, which leads me to understand (and she understands the same way from an email from corporate) to not stock ANYTHING! She has already said the 5 or 6 pallets of milk won't be downstacked off the pallets until Wilbur and Kenny get there tomorrow (they are both scheduled at 1pm), she isn't risking her back (which I fully understand!), and if the rest follows through, by 1pm tomorrow afternoon, there won't be ANY milk on the shelves OR eggs in the bunker!

I thought Burger King was farked up after "Sydran" purchased franchise rights for this area... national Wal-Mart is even worse! Are they trying to follow K-Mart's lead?!?

//as Wilbur once said, "Wal-Mart doesn't consider the dairy important"
///Wally will go out of business fast at the rate they are going... plenty of grocery/hardware/electronic alternatives in this area now!
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