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Haven't done this in a while...

On this day in 2001:

1. [Jan. 19th, 2001|02:00 am]
"Almost 2am in the morning... been trying to figure out a way to hook two different cams up to webcam32 at one time for hours now to no avail. They are both currently hooked to the computer, but most of the evening, haven't been getting any video at all.... giving up on the idea......."

[Jan. 19th, 2001|01:01 pm]
"Found out today that my uncle Bill from Mississippi is coming to stay with my mother again... he stayed there for a while last year also. He and his third wife have apparently been having problems for quite some time now, and he says this time they are getting a divorce, so my mother is giving him a place to stay until he gets on his feet here. Hey, an idea struck me! Maybe he and I can go job hunting together!"

[Jan. 19th, 2001|02:00 pm]
"Not sure, but after I awoke this morning, I started playing around with the cams, found what's called "image cycler" listed on the Webcam 32 software. Now if I can just get video.........."

Was reminded to do a "This day in history" by reading truculentone's latest post. Not sure, but I think I got the cam problems worked out finally, and my uncle moved back to Mississippi a little over a year ago after living in his own place here in West Monroe for a few years. As for the job hunt... been working as a flunky at Wally World for almost two years now, along with some short-termed jobs in between getting the current job and 2001. STILL using Webcam32, even though it ceased production in 2006... haven't found anything with as many features to replace it with (luckily it even works with Vista!).
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