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Possible Mass Exodus?

Because of all the changes in longtime employee work shifts, and the cutting down to 2-4 days per week for some, several are saying if this persists for long, they will be looking for a new job. The Wal-Mart home office, in their "infinite wisdom", have told the store managers that they have to abide by whatever the computer generated work schedules spit out, and NO changes can be made. EVERYONE'S schedule is severely screwed up at this time. Some shifts will have NO ONE working in certain departments at certain times of the day. I've heard that a couple of days this coming week, no cart collectors and only three cashiers are on the schedule. With no service, and no one at times to stock product, I'm predicting customers will abandon the store in droves!

My schedule for the week: 1-10pm today and Sunday, off Monday, 5am-2pm Tuesday and Wednesday, then off again Thursday AND Friday! I might be able to survive on 32 hrs/week temporarily, but if it lasts too long... goodbye Dish Network! Son won't be happy, but something will have to go!
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