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Where For Art Thou Rambo?....

Went to the River Cities Humaine Society For Cats yesterday and adopted a seven month old male cat named "Rambo". They said he was tremendously shy, and I believe it. He spent most of yesterday hiding on the bottom shelf in the bathroom, and so far this morning, he's been hiding under the bed in the other bedroom. Have rarely seen him since I got him home yesterday. Hoping he will soon get out of this phase.
The lady at the shelter said it could take a cat up to a month sometimes to get used to a new person and new surroundings. Got him home around 5pm yesterday (that shelter is only open 3-5pm weekdays), and so far, he hasn't eaten anything, even after offering him both the dry "Meow Mix with seafood middles" and a can of "9 Lives Chicken & Salmon". As I said, hope he eats soon, if not, I'll need to call the shelter for advice. As far as I can tell (and this is the scary part), I don't THINK he has pottied yet. I showed him yesterday where the litter pan was, but it hasn't been used yet. So, HOPEFULLY, he hasn't went anywhere else!
Anyone out there with any cat experience... your input would be greatly appreciated....

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