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Andrew recently downloaded a free trial of "World of Warcraft", and had thought about buying it with some money my mom gave him for good grades in school. I was a bit concerned with that, since I've heard Leo Laporte talk about it, and he has said that game can take over your life if you let it. However, I now have no worries. An online friend of his told Andrew there is a monthly fee involved to play online. Once he found that out, he decided on his own not to buy it, because he knew he couldn't afford a monthly fee, and I certainly wasn't going to pay for it!

Andrew's councelor is scheduled to stop by for one of his regular visits this afternoon. I'm on my third cup of coffee. Apart from laundry and taking out the trash, I'm planning to be a "lazy lump" the next couple of days, till I go back to work Wednesday.

Over and out.
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