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I believe I have come to the "dreaded" conclusion I will be an elderly man before I get caught up on my DVD watching. The unwatched pile just keeps getting larger and larger! After I got off work this evening, I stopped by Best Buy with the intent of just picking up the new "Little Rascals" collection, featuring all 80 sound shorts produced by the Hal Roach Studios, up until MGM took the franchise over, and, in my opinion, "ruined" it. While there, I spotted the 40th anniversary edition of "Dr. Strangelove" and a DVD of Stevie Ray Vaughn's music videos. Picked those up also.

So, now... here's what I have to watch:

1. The final 3½ seasons of "Three's Company"
2. The last disc in the second season of "The Beverly Hillbillies"
3. The movies "Inspector Clouseau"(with Alan Arkin), "Barefoot in the Park", and "The Amityville Horror"
4. The final 3½ seasons of "Get Smart"
5. The last two discs of the "Celebrity All-Star Family Feud" collection
6. The final disc of volume 6 of the "Looney Tunes" collection
7. The final disc of seasons 1 & 2 of "Duckman"
8. The 2nd disc of volume 3 of "The Three Stooges" collection
9. ALL of volume 4 of "The Three Stooges" collection
10. The last disc of season 2 of "Happy Days"
11. The remaining 4 discs of season 4 of "Saturday Night Live"
12. The three DVD titles mentioned in the above paragraph.

So, anyone looking for me this evening, I'll be "AFK" once again... I'll be parked in the comfy chair in the living room watching DVDs, and giving the Sony DVD player quite a "workout"! If the streaming cam doesn't "collapse" as it's been known to do, you might be able to hear what I'm viewing at any given time.
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