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Days off from work are split up this week. Off tomorrow (Monday), then not off again until Xmas day. Hate when that happens!

Amusing co-worker story: Wilbur and Tony have similar jackets for wearing in the dairy cooler, but not identical. Friday, Tony notices his jacket is amiss. Wilbur has left for the day. Wilbur's jacket is still hanging on the hook by the cooler door. We come to the conclusion that Wilbur accidentally wore Tony's jacket home. Tony had a pack of cigarettes in the breast pocket. Saturday morning, I ask Wilbur about it. He didn't realize until then that he had worn Tony's jacket home the previous day. Wilbur also washed said jacket after getting home, not checking the pockets. Wilbur did not wear the jacket to work Saturday morning, because it was hanging to dry. Wilbur brings Tony's jacket back today, with a big brown stain around the breast pocket from the cigarettes. Tony doesn't get upset about it, but Wilbur buys him a new pack of "Newports".

I haven't done the Xmas card thing in years, but Jeannie, the co-worker I used to work with at Burger King "many moons ago" gave me a card today, signed by her and her kids. Given the opportunity, yes, I'd hit it! Don't worry, she's divorced!
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