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When a "prescription" really ISN'T a "prescription...

When I was at the doctors Monday for my blood pressure checkup, I mentioned the constantly runny nose I've had for nearly three weeks. The doctor said it didn't sound like another sinus infection, and wrote a prescription (with five refills) for something called "Loratadine 10mg". After work, I went by Walgreens, and handed the prescription to the pharmacist. He said that the medicine was just a generic form of "Claritin", and directed me to the shelf, pointing out the Walgreens store brand, which indeed said it was "Loratadine 10mg". They had a 45-day supply for the price of the 30-day supply. The pharmacist said it could be filled as a prescription however, but it would be a few dollars more.

Question: Why would a doctor write a prescription (with five refills) for something you can just walk in, pick up off the shelf, and proceed to the check-out with? Makes NO sense to me whatsoever!
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