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Shoulda stayed my ass in bed yesterday!

Ever have "one of those days"? I had one yesterday.

1. A pallet of eggs was being stored in the meat cooler at work, since there was no room in the dairy cooler. We needed the eggs in the dairy, so I got a person licensed to operate the forklift to get the pallet off the high shelf in the meat cooler. The pallet wasn't wrapped too tight, and once it got about three feet to the floor, the top four layers of cases toppled! At least 100 dozen eggs broken!

2. Went out to my truck on my lunch break as usual to eat and listen to downloaded podcasts on my MP3 player. Somehow, during the hour, my keys worked their way out of my pocket, and I didn't realize it until I exited the truck and closed the door. Had to call my mom to go to my house, retrieve the spare key, and bring it to work.

3. On the way home last night, once I hit the road I live on, nearly hit a deer crossing the road! Why do they ALWAYS wait until you are right up on them before they attempt to cross?!? My heart nearly lept out of my throat!!

Since I'm off today and tomorrow, I have no plans to leave the house!
Tags: bad luck, work

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