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Eye Strain Part Deux...

Woke up around 8am this morning, immediately started working on the fubar HTML code that was the result of using Yahoo Sitebuilder to originally design my site. A couple of pages weren't even showing up in the "sites" folder of the program, but were still accessible via the program itself. In order to get a workable HTML file with those pages, had to "Save As" a different name, into a different folder in Sitebuilder. The 2008 "Cam Archives" page was one of those pages. Couldn't find the source pictures for that page either, neither on my computer nor the Sitebuilder folders, yet they were appearing within Sitebuilder whe I pulled up the page. Can't "copy" anything out of Sitebuilder and past elsewhere on the computer, so I had to take screenshots of the program, then crop the images out using Paint Shop Pro. I either need to learn more HTML, or buy a copy of Dreamweaver! That way, I won't have these instances of slowly going "mad"! Still have several more pages to edit, so some pages on the site are still "non-functional". Think I'm going to take a break from the editing for the day.

Around 10:30am, I stopped editing and drove up to Riser Middle School to vote. There were around 16 people ahead of me in line, but I got in and out within a half hour. Speaking of school, Andrew is out today, because of the election, since the school needed the parking space for the voters. I know my candidate won't get very far, but at least I voted...
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