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Still waiting for my domain transfer to be finalized, since I neglected to do the DNS server changes before canceling Yahoo and moving to Bluehost. From the "status page" on Bluehost:

"According to the Gaining and Losing Registrars, it appears that the codes you've supplied were correct. Once you tell the Losing Registrar (the current Registrar for to release the domain, we will be able to accept the domain into your account. You should receive an email from the Losing Registrar asking you to approve or decline this request. Please follow the instructions and ACCEPT the transfer. If you choose to DECLINE the transfer, you might be able to receive a refund within 90 days if you contact customer service. You may also have to contact or to login to your old registrar to manually release the domain. Otherwise, if you can just wait 7 days, the Losing Registrar should release the domain automatically."

Only thing, when I looked up my domain on the Melbourne IT website, they said apparently my domain was purchased through a "reseller". Guess Yahoo would be the reseller. Since I cancelled Yahoo, I can't get in contact with customer support, not that customer support ever ANSWERS anyway, the main reason I cancelled them! In a seperate "whois" search, it shows Melbourne IT as the registrar though. HOPEFULLY, an automatic transfer will occur by at least Wednesday or Thursday, and I can get on with re-establishing my site! If not, I'll contact Bluehost again to see what further steps, if any, need to be taken. They were very good about calling me the evening I signed up with them, welcoming me, and confirming I wanted my domain transfered to them. Yahoo NEVER called me!


Overheard at work today: A woman had who I assumed to be her very young daughter riding in the shopping cart while passing the yogurt section I was stocking. The kid was making all kinds of racket, pointing to some Yoplait Scooby Doo "Rogurt". The woman, in one of those "talking to a young kid" voices, actually said, "Now, Jessica, do you think Jesus would want you acting like that in a big store?"

I nearly threw up after I heard that... starting the brainwashing early I see!


"Compatibility Warning: I've read several complaints about this first wave of Bond Blu-ray discs not playing on a number of different set-top Blu-ray decks. I can confirm that on my copy of PowerDVD 7, Thunderball would load a black, blank screen and stop, and it sounds like several dedicated players from a couple of different manufacturers are suffering from the same problem. Readers not using a PlayStation 3 as a Blu-ray player are warned that they may need to do a firmware update and may not be able to play these discs at all."

The above is nearly the FIRST thing you see in this review of the Blu-ray release of "Thunderball". Granted, I'm planning of upgrading the TV in the living room with a flat panel with this next years income tax refund, replacing the now over 10 year old 27" Sony Trinitron CRT, but I'm NOT going Blu-ray as long as problems like this are going on! Forget "firmware updates"! I just want to buy a movie as I've done in the past, with both VHS and DVD, and have it PLAY, with nothing else to think about! I'll just buy a good upconverting standard-def DVD player to hook to the new TV until the high-def formats figure out a way for EVERYTHING to work "out of the box"!
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