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Made one mistake when I cancelled my Yahoo hosting account and switched over to Bluehost. Neglected to update the DNS servers on Yahoo to go to Bluehost before cancelling. This morning, I went into the new hosts settings and updated it to start using the new DNS servers as soon as possible, and also put in for my domain to be transfered from "Melbourne IT"(the domain registrar Yahoo is using...domain is still good through April 2009) to Bluehost. As of this writing, that is still pending approval from Melbourne IT. Because I was a bit laxed in doing research on the complete "ins and outs" of changing a host and domain provider, it may take 72 or more hours for everything to get resolved. Not that I'll have much time until my next days off to start setting the site back up anyway!

Also, instead of rebuilding the site from the "ground up", as I thought I might... I may be able to do some tweaking to the code that Yahoo Sitebuilder spit out to make it function as proper HTML, even though I'm FAR from an expert in HTML code! Mainly have to put the code into Notepad++, and adjust the hundreds of image links, because the images will be in slightly different directories than before. Also, need to delete the references to the Sitebuilder program that is in the code in every page.

I've never switched from one host to another before, nor changed domain registrars, so guess you could say that I'm learning the hard way...
Tags: geeky, html, webhosting

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