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Yahoo + Webhosting = Last Nerve

Currently doing internet research via Google for a new webhost. This FTP thing with Yahoo, plus the total lack of customer support for the price I am paying, has driven me to this. Posted a negative review to some review sites in the meantime:

"I was very happy with Yahoo's Small Business hosting, even though I am using it for a personal website, until about 4 months ago. Started getting intermittent FTP upload problems around that time. No error messages in my FTP programs, but the site would not be updated. Even using the web interface, the updated files would not appear, even though the interface would say "Files uploaded successfully". Emailed support each time, never got a reply. Some instances, I could not even access the web interface at all, just got a blank page after login. My site was still up, but no way to change content for several days when these problems would occur. Currently shopping for a new webhost as a result of these problems!"

Noticed Yahoo got several negative reviews from others also. One that caught my eye was a user who said HIS problems with Yahoo started around the same time mine did. Just tells me one thing, that Yahoo is slowly going into the crapper! Just need to do some additional research to see how to retain my domain name after switching to a new host...
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