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Random Updates

Off for the weekend, by accident. Schedule at work had me listed as off for the weekend, but the dairy manager wanted to change it to where I'd be off my regular Monday and Tuesday, so I wouldn't be working eight days straight (against store policy to work over six). Didn't get changed before I left work yesterday, so here I am! A different change will have to be made now, may have to be off next Sunday to equal things out.

We'll be getting a new store manager soon, David Fox is being transferred to Tennessee.

Yahoo Webhostings FTP and page management interface aren't functioning yet AGAIN at the moment... as a result, the cams aren't refreshing.

Getting further behind watching the stack of unwatched DVDs, by buying more. "The Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Show" arrived in the mail Thursday morning, and I bought season 2 of "The Beverly Hillbillies" yesterday after work. Watched some of each last night. Hadn't seen the Hudson Brothers since watching it on TV Saturday mornings in the mid-70's. Still entertaining to watch, but the only parts that seem to "hold up" for me at my age are the music numbers and the Rod Hull segments. The Hillbillies set is great so far! Excellent picture and sound quality. Original sponsor spots are intact. CBS/Paramount Video puts a disclaimer before the episodes sponsored by Winston cigarettes, saying they do not endorse smoking, and that the episodes are in their historical context. Will probably get back to watching more after the Leo Laporte radio show is finished.

Andrew was outside on his 4-wheeler earlier, he's now in his room with his video games. Hasn't said any more about not having internet access.

Mom bought a digital TV converter this week. Hooked it up for her yesterday. She gets a few extra channels now (the "sub" channels), but can't get the local NBC affiliate at all, guess because it has a terrible picture on analog. I'll miss "America's Most Wanted" tonight. Local Fox affiliate's analog broadcast has been out three days now (transmitter failure). Mom can get the digital broadcast, but I can't get the station over the air OR on Dish. Apparently Dish uses the "locals" analog feed for retransmission.
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