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No leniency THIS time...

Gave Andrew a "second chance" with that FIRST call from the school of the year, but NO second chances with the current one. He is in his room, pouting all over himself this morning. School called about 45 minutes ago, saying (from the disiplinary sheet) from his teacher:

"Andrew was already upset because some regular Ed students seen him with our class. When we got to class, he refused to do his class work. Andrew then got angry with me and called me "stupid ass", when we got to the office, he told me to "shut up"."

As a result of this, he has been suspended for three days, he can't return to school until Tuesday. I have left a message with his councelor from Cognitive Development, but I may not be home when he calls back (having to work 11am-8pm today). I have once again disconnected the wireless router, and he will definitely have no access for two months! I'm getting fed up with all this. He'll be lucky to maybe get a game for his PS3 and some clothes for his birthday and Xmas, he's blown the chance for a new computer or any other "high dollar" item.
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