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Wal-Mart customers are the cwaziest peoples! And they're coming over the "Horizon"...

A middle-aged woman walked up to me and asked if we still stocked the "Horizon Organic Half-and half". I went to the back and asked the dairy manager, because when the woman asked, I realized I hadn't seen any in a couple of weeks. Found out it has been discontinued (by Wal-Mart, not Horizon). I went back out to inform the woman. She said, "That figures, they always discontinue all the good stuff that sells well!". I knew it hadn't been a big "mover", at least at OUR store, but I didn't tell her that, I just said I'd noticed that also. She then says, "You know why, don't you? It's owned by Target." I said, "Target owns Horizon?" She said, "No, Target owns Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is the lower end of the company." I didn't bother to try and correct her, it might have started an arguement, and that wasn't the right room for an arguement! After all, being I work there, I should KNOW who owns the place! Beats me where these people get such cockamamy(sp?) ideas! Besides, IF Wal-Mart was owned by Target, don'cha think it'd be a better organized company?

Later, another woman was asking where we had moved the "Horizon Organic Cottage Cheese". I told her, that ever since I'd been in the dairy section (last November), that I'd never seen that product. She tried to tell me that she had bought some there just last week, in the section with the other brands of cottage cheese. I told her, "I don't think so, unless they got some in and stocked it on the couple of days I'm off, then sold out, and I wasn't informed." She said, "Maybe they did.", then tramped off.

Felt like telling both women to carry their "organic" asses on home!
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