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More Random Randomness...

I'm just sitting here wondering if the dairy department at work ran out of milk on the shelves and eggs in the bunker last night. One person in the department is on vacation, two were off yesterday, which only left the new guy and I. In the "infinite wisdom" of Wal-Mart management, we were BOTH scheduled 7am-4pm, which left NO ONE in the department from 4-10pm. Guess I'll find out when I get there today, working 1-10pm.

Feel like I'm coming down with a sinus infection or something. Been sneezin' my head off for a couple of days now, nose congested, occassional pain in my left ear, watering eyes... downing a glass of Alka-Seltzer Cold/Sinus while making this post.

Today is the 7th anniversary of 9/11. I remember exactly what I was doing that day. Was out of work, reading the comments about it on This morning, sitting here listening to "Handel On The News" on the KFI-AM640 stream, and reading comments about "where were you 7 years ago today?" on Seems the more things change, the more they stay the same.
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