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Longer school holiday

Today it was announced that the schools that were out for Tuesday and Wednesday, along with the usual Labor Day holiday, will now be out for the rest of the week. They closed the schools originally in case they needed to become evacuee centers for the people in the southern part of Louisiana. Well, it's going to be a couple more days before those folks can go back to their homes, and there are still around 50,000 people in this area alone that still have no electricity, because of the high winds and gignormous amounts of rain we received from Hurricane Gustav. So, Andrew will have a couple more days of "free time" on his hands. With me, it's still "work as usual".

Ironically, my Uncle Barrett and Aunt Sybil, who live in a relatively nice subdivision with power lines UNDERGROUND, were without electricity for nearly 2½ days, while we, who live in the "boonies"(semi-rural area) with power lines ABOVE ground, experienced no power outage whatsoever. The DSL died for about 20 minutes yesterday afternoon however, but was back up to speed shortly after that.

Since we live in "The Twilight Zone", our power will probably go out the next nice, clear, sunny day we have! At least that's the way it is most of the time here!
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