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Another LP to CD Conversion

I dragged out the recently purchased USB turntable again today, and digitized another random bit of vinyl from my gignormous collection. This weeks project was the slightly obscure album by the group Cameo, called "Alligator Woman", released in 1982. After cleaning the sound up a bit in Roxio, the final CD sounds better than the original LP. Still haven't figured out why I have to use Audacity to HEAR the records while recording them to the hard drive though. Roxio will record to the hard drive, but you can't seem to listen while the recording process is going on!

In the process of recording...

After the CD was completed...

Entire process took the bulk of the afternoon, and I'm suffering from a bit of eye strain! Unlike the previous LP I converted, "James Bond Greatest Hits", where I had to resort to taking a picture of the cover of the album to put on the front of the CD case (scanner isn't big enough to capture an entire album cover), with this one, I lucked out and found a high quality picture of the cover art on Google search.

In case you're wondering why those two singles are in the second picture, I used those to "pad out" the CD, since the original album only runs a little over 30 minutes total. Those are two more Cameo songs, both from 1984, "She's Strange", and "Talkin' Out The Side Of Your Neck".
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