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I'd "Rear End" It!

On the drive home from work this evening, I was sitting at the red light on Thomas Road in front of Pinton Firestone. Next thing, I feel a jar of the truck. Not a HUGE jar, mind you, but a jar nonetheless. Behind me was a minivan with a woman at the wheel, and a shocked look on her face. I get out of my truck, she gets out of the minivan, apologizing profusely. I look at the back of my truck, just notice a slight scratch in the middle of my bumper. Her front bumper had an indentation in the middle of it. She was more shook up about the incident than I was. I had noticed her vehicle behind mine a few seconds earlier. She was stopped a slight distance from my rear, before I felt the jarring.

She said her foot had slipped off the brake. I believed her, being the shaking of my truck was minor. I told her since not much damage was done, to not worry about it, since my truck is over 10 years old, and a couple of scratches wouldn't even be noticed. However, she had what appeared to be her daughter in the car, and she asked her for a piece of paper and something to write with. She gave me her name, address, and phone number, just in case I wanted to get the bumper fixed. She said her husband worked overseas, and would be back in about a week, and he was the one that normally handled situations like that (wonder how many she's had?).

Now comes the pathetic part of this post...

The woman was pretty "hot" in my opinion. For some reason, the main thing that was going through my brain was to tell her, "Don't worry about it. Just stop by my place this Monday or Tuesday during "school hours", and we can settle this in a special way, and be even steven!"

If my inner thoughts weren't pathetic, not sure what is!
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