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Just got in from work. Worked harder today than I have in months... place was shorthanded today (I'm fairly certain it was from their fubar schedule making), I had to leave the dairy section to help stock bottled/jugged water in the grocery section, had to help unload TWO "dry goods" trucks (not normally what the dairy people have to do at all) by "hand", using manual pallet jacks (the electric one normally used to pull the pallets off the delivery truck has been "out of service" nearly a week now (Wal-Mart is a multi-billion dollar company, yet all the equipment they have in the store is "craptastic")!

When I got home from work a few minutes ago, made out a handfull of bills to mail off in the morning (today was payday, but after bill paying, you really wouldn't know it)! Still no reply from Yahoo about my FTP and account page access problems, but they did say in the automated reply that I should hear back within "24 hours", so maybe I'll hear something in the morning. In the meantime, instead of the usual "This Cam Is Offline" pics on my offline cams, the last images uploaded from those cams is still there, because I freggin' can't FTP to change them! Never had any problems with my webhosting that were bad enough to contact customer service before now. If I haven't heard back by tomorrow evening when I get home from work, I'll try calling their 24 hour toll free customer help number!

Figures... the older I get... the more "stressful" my birthdays get! That's why I'd just as well ignore them!
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