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Oh Crappy Day...

Parents need to keep their freggin' rugrats on a freggin' leash! Almost got hit at work today by one zooming by me at work today on those damned "wheeled shoes", while I was carrying a case of eggs to the egg bunker. Later, some little brat ran past and squirted a water pistol at me, hitting me in the ear, before running who knows where at a rapid rate of speed! Maybe I need to start using my store-issued box cutter for protection from those hyperactive, unsupervised brats!

My mom said a couple of weeks ago that she nearly got knocked down by one of those kids wearing those wheeled shoes. She said, "If I get run over by one of those kids, I'm falling on the floor, and suing the kids parents AND Wal-Mart, for letting them in the store in the first place!" I don't blame her there, and she knows a personal injury attorney who would just jump at the chance to sue Wal-Mart for something like that! She also occassionally shops at Super-1 Foods, and she said THEY have a sign on the doors prohibiting those shoes inside the place. Wal-Mart needs to start that policy. Maybe I need to email Bentonville, Arkansas....

Also, to make the day MORE crappy, Kenny and I had to leave our dairy duties for about an hour to go outside and help collect shopping carts off the parking lot, because two of the new cart people hired recently didn't show for work...

/joys of working at "Wally World"
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