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Minimum wage increases

I've never been much of a fan of minimum wage increases. If you're in a job making minimum wage (I've had a few), when there is an increase, you really don't come out ahead, because employers increase prices to make up the difference, putting you right back where you started from.

I'm making a couple of bucks over minimum wage at my job. Turns out, even though the wage increase is 70¢ an hour over the July 2007 increase, Wal-Mart is only raising my wage by 40¢/hour to "reflect the difference".

Makes me even less of a fan of these "increases"....

Working 11am-8pm today, helping train a "new guy" in the dairy department...

Oh, before I forget... good news on the medication front. I'm down to only having to take three medicines for the high blood pressure (don't need the $142/bottle Plavix since my heart came out fine, just a daily 81mg aspirine instead), and the doctor made sure to prescribe me affordable ones. Each is only $10 for a three month supply at Wal-Mart, and with my employee discount, got all three meds for a total of $27 plus tax for the three month supply! Hopefully my blood pressure will stay at a manageable level...
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