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Got "stimulated" today

This morning, I found my "economic stimulus" check in the mailbox. After work this evening, I immediately drove over to the new "Best Buy" store and did my part to stimulate the economy. I bought a new turntable. Yes, you heard me right, a turntable. Bought one of those with USB capabilities. Already have an older Sony turntable I bought back in 2000, but it's a bit of a hassle connecting it up to the old Radio Shack mixer (to use as a pre-amp), then plugging it into the line-in jack in the rear of the computer. I'm going to get serious, starting this coming week, about transferring a lot of my old vinyl to CD format. Bought a 100-pack of Verbatim CD-R's also. I'll also try to remember to post here weekly as to what I've transferred on any particular day. I'll probably just work on the project one day a week though, since it is rather time consuming, and I DO have a job, and like to spend at least one of my two days off not doing anything major!

This is the turntable I decided on:

I was going to get the Sony they had, but the Ion had more features, such as an anti-skating control (the adjustable weight in the rear of the tone arm), adjustable pitch control, and a standard cartridge (the Sony had one of their proprietory ones).

Now, however, going to park my carcuss in the living room and try to catch up on some DVD viewing for a couple of hours before retiring for the night...
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