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New Keyboard

Bought a new keyboard earlier today. Got tired of buying batteries, even though in the wireless keyboard that came with the new PC I bought earlier this year they lasted an adequate amount of time. Found a nice wired PS/2 connected Logitech Media Center keyboard at my workplace for $18.86. Typing is even quieter than the keyboard that came with the PC, and I thought IT was quiet!

My son said by buying a wired keyboard to replace the wireless one, I was "living in the stone age". I made mention of that in the #twitlive chat while Leo Laporte was present, he mentioned me by name in the video streaming that I wasn't "living in the stone age", because wireless keyboards are a "security nightmare"(in his words). He said passwords, credit card numbers, etc, could be picked up by people that might be trying to pick that stuff up wirelessly. He apparently only uses wired keyboards as a result. And to think, I just bought a wired keyboard to save on buying batteries!

In other Leo Laporte news, I really want the audio/video broadcasting equipment he has:

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