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Back from the Stress Test

When I got to the hospital this morning, they put an IV in my arm (still got a nasty looking bruise from that), then gave me an injection of some isotopes and had me sit for about half an hour, to give it time to get through my bloodstream. Then they had me lie down under a big X-ray machine thingy that took a thorough scan of my chest (took about 14 minutes). After that, I was escorted to the treadmill room. They kept a saline solution IV in me the entire time, to keep the IV tube in my arm from clogging up. Made it through the test till the end, although the "running uphill" part was a bit taxing on my legs. They got my heart rate where they wanted it at the conclusion of the test. They were shooting for 151 bpm, they got 153 bpm. By the end of the test, my blood pressure shot WAY up however. Started at 133 over 88 (the meds are helping), but wound up at 160 over 100. Then after that, back to the scan room, where they ran a second chest scan.

Don't know the results as of yet, but have an appointment with a cardiologist to talk to me about the results on July 18th.

Since I couldn't eat before the test, I was very hungry, so on the way home, I stopped by Sonic and bought a SuperSonic Breakfast Burrito and a large order of tots. Real "heart healthy" breakfast, ain't it? ;-)
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