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Photography Tip #1....

If you are going to bother to sneak a camera into a concert where no cameras are allowed, at least make sure you have a camera better than a standard Kodak 110 format without a telephoto lens....

Three photos from a series I snapped on October 26,1986 at the "Monkees" reunion concert in Ruston,Louisiana. Cameras weren't allowed, but no one complained either...


  • Wake Up, Darnit!

    Geesh, not sure what has gotten into me. Didn't get out of bed until around 12:30pm today. :-/

  • On the Edge

    Eastwood has an entire Queen bed to sleep on when I'm not in it, yet he sleeps dangerously close to the edge...

  • Move It On Over

    He's in my spot, so when I go to bed, he'll have to move over...

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