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Just average updates, nothing exciting...

Got in from work a few minutes ago. Well, not directly in from work, made a side trip, thus getting home a bit later than usual. After I heard about the passing of George Carlin, I realized I had never purchased the last book he wrote, so I made a dash over to Monroe to the "Books-A-Million" store (which stays open until 11pm on Mondays-Saturdays). They no longer stocked the hardcover version of "When Will Jesus Bring The Pork Chops?" (guess I could have ordered it online though), but they had a few copies of the large format paperback on one of the bargain tables for $6.97, so I went ahead and bought that version. The book has hilarious cover art (in my opinion at least)...

Also, whilst (whilst?!?) I was there, I picked up the latest issue of "PC Magazine" (no one on this side of the river seems to carry it... need to subscribe to the darn thing!), and a couple issues of a magazine I haven't purchased since probably the early 1980's, "Mad" magazine. Guess I picked those up because I've actually chatted with one of its longtime writers online a couple of times, via Leo Laporte, Dick DeBartolo (Mad's Maddest Writer). One issue was the current one, with a parody of "The Chronicles of Narnia" in it, and the other issue was another "best of" issue, which by thumbing through, noticed a parody of the original "Get Smart" called "Forget Smart". Two major changes I noticed in the new issue (haven't picked one up in over 20 years), lots of color art, and advertisements. Oh, and possibly the THIRD difference, the price... I think the last issue I bought said "$1.50 Cheap!". The one I bought this evening said "$4.99 Cheap!". 'Tain't that cheap NOW, McGee! If I think the writing is still up to par, maybe I need to subscribe to it also... only $13.99 for 13 issues.

This week I have Wednesday and Thursday off instead of the usual Mondays and Tuesdays. This is because Tony is on vacation, so I have his schedule for a week. My Thursday is pretty much "shot" though, because of my heart stress test at 7am that morn' over at the hospital. They're gonna hook me up to a lot of wires and electrodes and put me on a treadmill (never been on one of those darn things in my life!). I still think it's not my heart, it's the blood pressure causing all the problems, but I'll let them give the final judgement.

Lastly, I've developed a bruise on the right side of my stomach. Not sure WHERE that came from, just noticed it this evening after getting out of the shower. Isn't sore though, which makes it even more mysterious.
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