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Oh, well...

I went in to work today, only to discover I wasn't on the schedule until Friday. Normally, I'd be working today and tomorrow, but since I've been fighting the blood pressure/heart things, they re-worked the schedule, and had someone already covering the shift. So, guess I'll have a couple of more days to fight off this bit of light-headiness that is still lingering...

On the way into the building, I ran into Raymond, one of the two co-managers (high end of the chain of command there). He seemed surprised to see me, and, I guess since he didn't know my schedule for the week either, told me if I didn't think I could make it through my shift, let someone know. He seemed very concerned, unlike the assistant manager over the food end, who was the one who told me a few months ago that there was no such thing as an "excused absence". At least now I know that someone over her head understands that sometimes someone is unable to work when they are not in the best of health!
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