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Walking Pharmacy + 2

Ignore my decision yesterday. I was still very lightheaded after getting out of bed this morning, so elected to call in again, and go back to the hospital instead (mom drove me). When I got there, the nurse in the triage took my blood pressure again, and it was registering 152 over 102, emensily above normal, even after taking the prescribed meds for two days already. Went there just expecting to get an extended doctor excuse from work, instead came home with two more prescriptions in hand, AND an excuse to be off work through Tuesday.

I'm to continue taking the other prescriptions I got previously, now along with Lisinopril, and a motion sickness medicine for the excess dizziness. Good news, I was able to get the two new drugs on Wal-Mart's $4 plan. Most I've been out so far was the $147 for the 30-count bottle of Plavix!
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