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Been away for a couple of days

If I've seemed very "quiet" online the past couple of days, it has been because I wasn't here... or at work. I had to stay overnight at the hospital.

When I woke up yesterday morning, I almost blacked out. That was after being unable to sleep well the night before, because I kept having tight feelings in my chest, and my heart was racing rapidly. I called into work (screw that "no legitimate excuses" thing!) and had my mom drive me over to Conway Hospital. In the emergency room triage, the nurse weighed me, took my temperature (which was normal), then my blood pressure, which was in the EXTREMELY high range, 148 over 102. She took notes of the symptoms I was having, and sent me back to the waiting area, and told me if I get dizzier to press the help button by the triage door to let her know.

A few minutes later, she calls me back to triage, and takes the blood pressure again. This time it was 150 over 108! She then immediately sends me back to an exam room. I tell the doctor all my symptoms, he orders an EKG to be run, and then takes me into a "waiting" part of the emergency area with beds, and hooks me to an electronic monitor that constantly checks blood pressure and heart rate. My heart rate was staying in the 80-125 beats per second range, and the blood pressure was staying in the 150 over 100 range. A nurse came along and gave me a couple of shots, that she said should relax me a bit and lower the blood pressure. Lowest the blood pressure got at that point was 142 over 98.

Doctor then decides to put me in the ICU overnight, to keep me monitored. First, however, I get sent for chest X-rays and a cat scan. When I get back to the ICU room, I get hooked up to another blood pressure monitor, and a few other monitors requiring things to be stuck to my chest. I looked like a giant squid with all those wires dangling off me! Over the course of the evening/night/this morning, I got little sleep. I got two more shots (one in the side of my stomach), had six more small tubes of blood taken from me, had two more EKGs, and an ultrasound of my heart.

Have to go back on the 24th for a treadmill stress test. Prescribed four kinds of medicine. Mom has gone to pick them up for me. Plan on trying to go back to work tomorrow. Got an excuse to also not overexert in the heat, so they'd BETTER NOT try to call me out to the parking lot to collect carts, I'll tell them to have a word with the doctor!

The book I ordered last week arrived today. Wish it had came yesterday, mom could have brought it to the hospital and I would have had something to occupy what little bit of "free" time I had there!

The author is none other than amyrose father! :-)

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